Tony and I are an adventurous couple who are looking to meet new people, experience new cultures, and enjoy life! I am a school psychologist who has previously worked in Utah. I love working with a wide variety of students, but what I enjoy most is having the summers off. My husband Tony is a photographer. He has recently self-published a coffee table book and is working on continually expanding his landscape portfolio. He is looking forward to being able to do photography full time all over the world.

Don’t worry, I get asked all the time what a school psychologist actually is. In the United States I have many roles in a school: I give Intelligence tests to help school teams look for learning disabilities, I help teachers and parents understand and support student behavior, I help collect and analyze data, and I do group and individual counseling. This all sounds fairly boring, but it is something different everyday and the kids always keep me on my toes. I am excited to see how my job will fluctuate and change in different international locations; starting with my new job at the Awsaj Academy in Doha.

Yes, Tony does do portrait work (if you ask nicely), but his heart is in the outdoors. He has an eye for seeing the natural world differently than most people and the ability to capture landscapes in unique and truly beautiful ways. We will work on posting many of his photos of our adventures on this blog, but please check out his website and Facebook page for all his work!